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A Focus on High Quality Instruction and Individualized Learning:

We must focus on quality instruction by giving individual students the time and attention they need to succeed. I have deep experience in developing individualized programs for K-12 students that emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving.


As a Parent, at times I have seen my own kids struggle with a narrow focus on standardized tests and some of the rote memorization that comes with that approach. I feel our kids deserve access to teaching that inspires them and challenges them to engage in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Not only is this better for our kids, it’s also what the workforce demands and I think we should do what we can as a community to reorient our schools.


Redirecting Funding Back into the Classroom:

When a child feels supported by their teachers, parents and friends, they can focus on learning. I will refocus our system to ensure budget resources are spent in the classroom, supporting our students.  Administrative costs are too high in our county. We have to ensure spending is responsible, transparent and ultimately benefits students and teachers in the classroom over administrative expenses.


Educational Equality and Preparing Students for the Workforce:

As a Parent, I know our system can improve and better prepare our students for college or life as a working adult. We can provide a more equitable system that provides a world class education to everyone, no matter where they grew up in the county. To me, this starts with ensuring individualized learning for each student and interventional instruction that reaches students early, before they fall behind.


Standing Behind our Teachers:

We need to stand behind our teachers and the committed professionals who serve our schools every day. We need to ensure every teacher has the resources they need to be successful. No teacher should have to spend their own personal money on supplies. We must ensure every teacher is paid a living wage. We must provide world class professional development opportunities and a positive working culture in order to retain excellent professionals and support staff in our schools.

Supporting our Parents and Keeping them Engaged in our Schools:

We need to support working families to ensure their kids are occupied full time during the workday with quality enrichment programs and tutoring. We must champion programs that keep parents positively engaged in our schools. We know engaged parents drive better educational outcomes for our kids and I will stand behind that with support for staff to connect parents to ways to volunteer, communicate with educators, and ensure the school remains a pillar of community engagement--providing a critical link to services and support for those in need.

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